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Askoll NGS2




Colour: Titanium




The NGS is a comfortable two-seater, cleverly connected and very economical, without sacrificing aesthetics.

The most technological differences from the ES range are aesthetic. Design is the great revolution of the NGS: the lines have been totally redesigned compared to the ES range. It is now a more adult scooter, grown-up and refined.

There are three models in the range: NGS1, NGS2 and NGS3. The main differences are in the engines and batteries. The NGS1 and NGS2 have a speed limited to 28mph, therefore they fall into the L1e category of electric mopeds equivalent to a 50cc from a license perspective, while the NGS3 has a maximum speed of about 40mph and therefore is an L3e (125cc equivalent). The engine power is 1500w, 2200W and 2700 watts respectively.

Another big difference is in the capacity of the batteries, and consequently in the autonomy. The NGS1 features a single 1.045 KWh battery, which provides an estimated range of 25 miles on a single charge while the NGS2 and NGS3 have double battery packs, which for the NGS2 is 2.090 KWh and for the NGS3 rises to 2.820 KWh, with ranges of about 44 and 60 miles respectively.

The dimensions of the brakes had also changed. in the NGS1, a 190 mm disc brake at the front and rear drum, in the NGS2 there are two 190 mm discs and in the NGS3, a 220 mm disc in front and one 190 mm at the rear. In addition, redesigning the transmission ensures more robustness and makes the NGS much quieter than the ES ranges.

While the NGS1 has an analogue display as found on the standard ES range, the NGS2 and NGS3 are also equipped with technologies that include the digital display, with Bluetooth connectivity and communication module to connect to the new Askoll Smart Drive App (downloadable from Google Play and App Store). The App allows you to monitor travel information, but also to plan (and share) the journeys made.

Removable BatteryYes x 2
Maximum Speed28 Mph
Charging Time6 - 7 Hours
Range45 Miles
Bike Warranty2 Years
Battery Warranty3 Years
Grant ApplicableYes

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